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What is UV-C?

UV-C is a form of ultraviolet light (UV), which is essentially electromagnetic waves in the 254 nanometer spectrum. Humans cannot see it with the naked eye due to the wavelength. There are multiple UV light types, such as UV-A and UV-B, are what we would call sunlight. As a consequence of atmospheric conditions, UV-C is blocked out by the ozon layer and can be artificially produced with the help of special lamps.

Compared with the other forms of UV light, UV-C has excellent disinfection properties as it destroys harmful microbes in the environment, found on high-touch surfaces, walls, and in indoor air.

The use of UV-C can be traced back at least two centuries when its properties were discovered. Since then, UV light has been commonly used in food production and other industrial applications for disinfection. Its efficiency as a disinfectant comes from its ability to disintegrate cellular structures like DNA and RNA in bacteria and viruses. This prevents the microorganisms from multiplying, also called 'inactivation'.

When using our solution you can adjust the dose to target the most difficult microbes found in your facilities. The disinfection robot offers dose levels from low to high. At higher doses of UV light, spores can be destroyed with UV-C, insofar as killing most of the dangerous microorganisms that you may encounter in your daily work environment.



UV-C Disinfection Robot

  • Autonomous mobile robot
  • UV-C lamps (254 nm)
  • Disinfection rate: 99-99.99%
  • Performance: 30 m2 in 10 minutes
  • Battery operating time: 2-3 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Height: 155
  • Width: 65 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg





Disinfection efficiency

In order to achieve the right amount of coverage and achieve the performance you need, it is important that the facility you want to disinfect has been mechanically cleaned beforehand so that visible dirt and secretions have been removed, because UV-C light cannot pass through organic materials.

UV-C light works in various environments thanks to the angle of the robot, which allows it to arrive at difficult spots that are otherwise hard to reach. The fact that it is a mobile application minimizes shadowing that may occur when using fixed solutions. Having a reflector gives the robot the upper hand in terms of disinfection speed when a disinfection task can be done in less time at less effect. 

We have made sure that your time is well spent and for that reason you may also disinfect any room or premise without having mapped it in advance. The robot's capabilities let you disinfect a target area with minimum planning and makes it seamless in case you do not have time to schedule a task or have not yet mapped a certain place that needs disinfection. 

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Improved decision-making

Automate your tasks by scheduling in advance

Focus cleaning & disinfection efforts where they matter the most