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Problem statement


Labor shortage

Labor shortages are affecting multiple industries which increases recruitment costs, yet it does not reduce worker turnover rate. In the future it will get worse if we are not ready. The demand for workers has not diminished although there is an imbalance in the skill sets and knowledge of the work force. 

The pressure it puts on the labor markets is something very different to the reality of a few decades ago. Employers offer perks to attract talent, but expects results in return. Employees, on the other hand, are required to develop their skills to a sufficient level to cope with the demand.

Oftentimes a job implies various demanding tasks that may or may not be related to a person's core capabilities, which decreases productivity and job motivation.

Training staff takes away time from doing what is really important in addition to being limited if the training is not received well or continuously developed by the person herself.

Doing repetitive things takes a toll on motivation. Managing workflow disruptions causes too much context switching as does the not yet fully digitalized workspace, which is sure to increase going forward.

We think that automated services such as robots can help close the gap in skills as robots can be built to function extremely well doing tasks that frees up time for human workers. 

Ageing population

The fact that the Western world experiences a decline in nativity rates comes as a surprise to no one. There is no simple explanation to this, but many attempts have been made and still are being pursued, to combat this trend as it will directly affect the economies in a big way. 

We know that simply by encouragement more people will be born, yet we do have the tools we need to fix this in the long term. 

At Done Robotics we take this matter very seriously, because this phenomenon will be experienced in every field. Robots can take on tasks that were previously handled by humans.

With the increase in digitalization and the leaps made by AI we can ensure that robots stay up-to-date with the needs of a workplace by performing even more advanced and complicated tasks.


Performance monitoring & tracking

Healthcare professionals say that there is a multitude of tools and systems in place for managing their work, but it is either incoherent, disconnected and there is no time to properly track and follow up on work progress. Time is a scarce resource.

We know that in order to effectively manage people, you need to know what to measure and how to do it. This leads us to believe that by improving tracking in, for instance healthcare, one can dramatically increase the level of workplace awareness and perform better than before. 

Done Robotics wants to help out by offering you the opportunity to track your progress and make improvements as you go. 

We acknowledge these issues and understand how this will impact our society unless we do something about it sooner rather than later.

We are the robotics company at your service.