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About Us

Done Robotics is a Finnish start-up that was founded in 2020 with the idea of making robots for people. Our founding principles and values guide our thinking and as such we are extremely driven to pursue new heights. We do together, do good, do innovate, do now, and improve lives. We exist because people who are eager to build great things have come together based on a shared vision for the future. Our team consists of very technology- and business-oriented people from robotics, electronics, software and sales. 

We believe that we can abridge the biggest obstacles to a wider adoption of service robots by offering efficient business models and flexibility to our customers. In this way we ensure that the services we offer are based on the needs and conditions of our end users and not on what we think is best.

Our focus has been on sanitation and healthcare since we think that this field deserves more attention. Soon we will pilot our first robot service, so be ready for the breaking news we will be posting about.

We are very open to new ideas and suggestions, so feel free to contact our team about these fascinating subjects. 

Done Robotics - Robotics Done Right