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Hygiene is something that many are familiar with from before. A conscientious effort to improve hygiene has been around since at least the end of the 19th century, when it was discovered that poor surgical hygiene were related to cases of death. Most of us have come in contact with hygiene through handwashing, showering and using disinfectant gels. This is part of our everyday lives as something that we do not give much afterthought to.

In healthcare, especially, this is of the utmost importance because of the conditions inherent to a hospital or clinic. Complicated surgical procedures and routine examinations are performed with instruments that need to be sterile in every use case, thus cannot afford to be unclean or have microbial stains present that can cause harm to patients.

At hospitals it is the main task of the infection control & prevention team to plan and outline the hygiene guidelines that should be followed in each department. It is also this group of experts that follows up on the cases of infection detected in each area. Based on this information they can more effectively adjust hygiene requirements for each area accordingly.

Despite the work of hygiene standards and requirements in place, infections are still able to spread. This is partly due to improperly managed hospital equipment and on the other hand inconsistent cleaning regimens; i.e. staff has not managed to remove all microorganisms or has not properly performed hygiene protocols such as hand hygiene and cleaning. Microbial strains require different doses of a disinfectant to be effectively removed. It is hard to know exactly what dose is needed and for what microbe.

Our solution is compliant with common hospital hygiene standards and helps you keep your department on par with infection prevention guidelines. It can also be integrated with other hygiene protocols and existing systems to act as an augmenting force to your current preventative measures. By implementing various hygiene solutions into your tool stack you can rely on the fact that your longterm safety concerns are addressed both on behalf of your staff and patients.


When performing routine and extra cleaning today, workers struggle to impact their own work in meaningful ways. It can in many ways be physically demanding due to uncomfortable working positions, which have been significantly reduced compared with earlier times although it is still insufficient to have removed the problem entirely. Apart from guidelines, employee training and better tools are needed to match the demanding tasks.

It is evident that it is difficult to monitor and follow up on work progress when your personnel is too busy doing other things. Many workers have stated their own concerns with conventional cleaning methods such as: 

  • Long disinfection time
  • Difficult to clean large areas consistently
  • Allergic reactions

We have given this a lot of thought and have come up with a solution that fits your needs.

Disinfection vision

Our aim is to create a safer tomorrow through simple and automated disinfection anywhere on demand. We want to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria by eliminating superbugs with our service. Infection prevention teams and hospital cleaning staff globally should have the right tools at a fingertip's length, which is why we offer you our disinfection robots for as much and as long as you like - you decide.

The Sars-Cov-2 pandemic was not the first nor was it the last pandemic that humanity will encounter. Going forward we can envision that further measurements will be required to curb the spread of infectious diseases. Increased movements of people, international trade, 'loose' borders and urbanization all contribute to people living closer than before. If we want to improve environmental standards and our surroundings, we need to start doing things in a new way. A faster, clinically proven way of disinfecting that lets you focus on what matters most - taking care of people.

Check out our UV-C page for more information on how our disinfection solution helps you achieve the level of hygiene your facilities demand.

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