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Senior ROS Developer

Done Robotics Ab Oy is looking for a Senior ROS Developer to join the team in Vaasa, Finland.

As part of our exciting and multicultural 14-person startup, you will work in the service robot development team, creating an ecosystem of advanced, self-driving robots aimed at the global market. As Senior ROS Developer, you will be developing the features related to ROS and autonomous driving, together with a few team members. You will also get to perform other varied development work in our interdisciplinary and Agile development team.


  • 4+ years of industry experience in robotics and autonomous systems, including path planning, localization, and sensor fusion
  • Multiple years of experience in computer vision
  • Multiple years of experience in SLAM (2D, 3D, or visual SLAM)
  • Strong programming skills in C++, Python, and ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Experience with Linux
  • Good at teamwork and good people skills
  • Very good spoken and written English language skills
  • Able to relocate to Vaasa, Finland

Beneficial knowledge

  • Architectures of distributed systems
  • Robot system simulation and integration
  • Motion planning
  • Robotics in different environmental conditions
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Signal processing, filtering, sensors, calibration
  • Computer science
  • Cloud computing, backends, web interfaces
  • Control systems
  • Electronics and embedded systems
  • Mechatronics and robot mechanics, CAD, mechanical simulation
  • Agile development practices, Scrum

If you find this job interesting and want to develop robotic services with us, contact us at Please submit your CV and tell us why you are interested and how you qualify.